Chinese going to the moon!?

I’m not teaching Earth and Space science this year, but I still like astronomy and space related topics. I’ve been watching for the past several years the Chinese claim to get to the moon by 2010 and the latest development is their launch of taikonauts (Chinese astronauts).

But how reliable are their reports accurate, or should I say true?

Talking to the ones–that aren’t there. Reminds me of the ‘fireworks’ in the opening ceremony or the cute little girl ‘singing’.

We used to say it is no wonder our kids (US) don’t know how to tell the truth, so many CEOs and government officials can’t keep from telling partial truths and bending the truth. Now what do we say…it’s no wonder kids don’t tell the truth–whole countries are dishonest.

We are heading to heck in a hand basket.

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