Gospel Express Sale 2008

Arlin and I are setting up for the 2008 edition of the Gospel Express sale. No we are not groupies. We like computers and have fun setting up several computers, getting the network to run and follow two auctioneers and run the check out stations. The day is long but fun to see tens of thousands of dollars run through our computers for several hundred buyers and have everything instantly tabulated and ready whenever a buyer walks up to the table.

Each year we try something new, to streamline the process. This year we have a Verizon EVDO network card in a D-link mobile router so we have internet connectivity and are using ip enabled credit card machines. It’s a connected world and it’s all about staying connected.

Edit: The Verizon card didn’t work in the end, too slow, the EVDO kept dropping out so we used a Linksys router with DD-Wrt firmware to link the tent to the ‘office’s’ Comcast connection

We are currently waiting for the last dozen or so people to pay up. Hopefully this will be over soon.

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