Have you used craigslist?

Last week my wife and I sold a freezer on Craigslist.It was painless. I was amazed at the amount of people that sent me emails wanting to buy/look at it etc.

It was my first experience selling with craigslist. We had posted a wanted ad the week before for a mini trampoline and were almost swamped with emails from people wanting to sell and even some that were willing to give us one. We chose to pick up a free one from someone in Conestoga and were really pleased withthat interaction.

The freezer ad netted 7 emails, we the first person didn’t respond back to am email for a day, so I moved on and within hours of telling the guy it was his it was gone from our property.

I am impressed with craigslist. It’s easy and it’s free, unless your ad a job ad or a brokered apartment in NYC

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