Earthquake here?

Early this morning after we said goodbye to the last of the holiday family guests my wife and I were just heading for bed when the windows began to rattle. It was an earthquake!

Seismograph Data from Millersville station

That is a snap shot of the seismograph data from Millersville University. It means the ground shook. Which means our windows rattled and their was a noise somewhat accurately described as a helicopter, or like a furnace coming on and filling metal ducts with air (albeit a really big furnace).
It was a first for me. We thought it was a helicopter flying over, although it was a little loud. At first I thought it was the Amish gang that had rented the gym at FMH and left on a hay ride in a wagon pulled by a JD4020 on steel wheels, but I didn’t think that was quite right either. You can read a lot about it. It was only a little shaking 3.4 on the richter scale. But, that was enough to be felt by people all over Lancaster county. If you felt/experienced it write about your experience in the comments section.

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