Year 2010

Here we are at the brink of a new year. I was only 10 years ago that we were all wound up about Y2K and whether or not airplanes would fall out of the sky, buying generators and stocking up on sugar, eggs, and bread in case the banks and stores shut down at the stroke of twelve.

Now we are waiting for another stroke of twelve and the question is what will we call it? “Twenty oh ten” or just “Ten” maybe “Twenty ten”.

I hope that isn’t the most pressing question on our minds right now.

How about what relationships need to be stepped up to level 10. Or Which ten verses should I memorize, maybe what ten books should I read.

I can see this will very easily be the year of top-ten lists. Start yours in the comments section.

Earthquake here?

Early this morning after we said goodbye to the last of the holiday family guests my wife and I were just heading for bed when the windows began to rattle. It was an earthquake!

Seismograph Data from Millersville station

That is a snap shot of the seismograph data from Millersville University. It means the ground shook. Which means our windows rattled and their was a noise somewhat accurately described as a helicopter, or like a furnace coming on and filling metal ducts with air (albeit a really big furnace).
It was a first for me. We thought it was a helicopter flying over, although it was a little loud. At first I thought it was the Amish gang that had rented the gym at FMH and left on a hay ride in a wagon pulled by a JD4020 on steel wheels, but I didn’t think that was quite right either. You can read a lot about it. It was only a little shaking 3.4 on the richter scale. But, that was enough to be felt by people all over Lancaster county. If you felt/experienced it write about your experience in the comments section.