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Does the voting on Facebook ads do anything? I noticed that there is a thumbs up/down icons below each ad. When you click on a thumbs down you can select why you don’t like the ad. The first time I did it the ad was of an immodestly attired women. I voted down and reasoned it was pornographic. There are groups to get rid of lewd ads, does joining them tell Facebook they need to get rid of ads, or does it tell advertisers that they are getting noticed?

I’m enjoying my facebook experiance, but I like many others am tired of ads. It is an ad based service, so if you don’t want the ads suggest paying Facebook a fee to use the service and ask to be and ‘ad free’ customer.

Anyone want to start that group? The I-want-to-pay-to-get-rid-of-ads group.

I think Facebook ads are annoying. Does the voting thing work? I am sure that the voting helps Facebook profile you to get the ‘most effective’ ads to you. If you have resolve you won’t click through any of their ads and be the winner. But the average must be click though or those types of ads wouldn’t stick around longer than an Ackenbach Long John donut last in the hallway at Faith.

So I guess I am going to let them profile me as a profile me as a person that doesn’t want lewd ads. If I have to have ‘tageted’ ads put to me, I set a boundry now to NOT become a click slave. (thanks to Mark Strohm Jr for that term – garnered from a MACSA 2008 workshop).

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