All Things Work Together…

Dean wrote “Git out n vote” on Against Apathy yesterday. He said

Voting with our lives, is really the only ballot that will ever bring about change. … Personally help those people, get to know them and be a part of their lives.

So I left a comment there and realized it was getting bigger than a comment that has grown into this:

Yesterday I wasn’t even sure how to pray about the election. I have a few friends adamant about the ‘Christian duty’ to vote. I wasn’t even sure how to pray. We have a pretty posh, easy, accepted life in the old US of A as Christians. Would I vote for more ease? Do I have any idea which candidate would make my life easier/harder? No. Maybe I want it to get harder for Christians so we can see the lukewarmness evident. Maybe I wouldn’t mind if it got harder, the chaff might be separated from the wheat. The blood of the martyrs is seed the of the church.

Today I’m not sure what I think. I’m hearing things like “I’ll trust God..” “I’m going to respect Obama as prez, God put him there.” and even “I’m ready for the church to be overtaken by O’s terrorist friends” That last one makes me sad. It will be the response of many unnamed Christians in this country.

For those that love God, all things work together for good Romans 8:28. How well do you believe that? Can Gos make good of what we see as bad? Sometime the best things for us seem to be the worst (it is not easy to accept that).

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