Is bigger better?

Is bigger better?  Read Walt Mueller’s blog about size.  Especially note his questions.

Something in my heart ached as I thought about how we?ve been socialized into doing youth ministry in the American church.

I think I get what he is trying to say.  My church is small, anyone missing is noticed.  I teach at a small school, when someone is out sick I usually notice.  Having small is essential, even the bigger churches get it to some extent, why else do they do ‘small groups’?  I listen to Doug Feilds podcast about youth ministry and the gang talks about ‘doing small group’ within the youth group and even with middle school youth group.  People need small to connect, without small there is no accountability and we all need it.  

Without small there is not suppers and long conversations with kids in the youth group talking about their deal.  If it’s all big, then they feel, and are, just another number in the big group.

How does that go along with my school.  We are low, we have capacity for ~125 and are at ~65 we want to be bigger, but should we be bigger?  What benefits do we have to being smaller?

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