Zambian children’s choir

This past Sunday evening, driving to hear one children’s choir, Faith Mennonite Chorale, give their final program for this school year, I was listening to WITF fm. The show Snap Judgment featured a segment on human slavery, not the type we hear about so much right now. It was about the exploitation of children from… Continue reading Zambian children’s choir

Playing with Wrong?

Playing with wrong? An event a few weeks ago at school got me thinking about things we enjoy. When you consider 1 cor 13:6 what does Paul mean about rejoicing in wrong? How far can one “enjoy things that are wrong”? Where do lines get drawn when it comes to violence? committing violence against people?… Continue reading Playing with Wrong?

Motivational mumbu jumbo

Actually this is really good… at about 8:56 There is mention of the need for a “Transcendent Cause”. This is getting to be a recurring thought and idea on my radar the last 12 months. I’ve been talking with the two guys in my Pre-Calc class this past year about why we do and why,… Continue reading Motivational mumbu jumbo

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