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Actually this is really good…

at about 8:56 There is mention of the need for a “Transcendent Cause”. This is getting to be a recurring thought and idea on my radar the last 12 months.

I’ve been talking with the two guys in my Pre-Calc class this past year about why we do and why, and the need for a transcendent cause. I wrote about it in January and it still lingers. One of the ideas I’ve been having is that with out a cause that gets beyond the here and now we are dissatisfied with whatever it is we do.

If you haven’t watched the youtube video I linked to above, go do it now. Then come back.

Doesn’t he do a good job of explaining the success of open source? And when he says we do better when we have a transcendent cause I almost jumped up and got charismatic.

But I am suspicious that his transcendent doesn’t reach beyond the ether. I would extend his ideas a little bit further. One needs worth and value, but not gotten by humans. Having purpose is much needed, but that purpose must have a Deity at the end. Our transcendent cause must reach outside of the earth’s gravity field, beyond our physical world and into the spiritual world, where Christ sits at God’s right hand interceding for us.

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