San Francisco

Today I am in California, Pleasanton, a town about 30 miles east of San Francisco. We are here for the wedding of Joe Lapp.

For those that care, I am writing this in safari on a big ol mac. We are staying with friends of my wife’s family for the weekend and the man of the house if an IT man for a large company, so he knows his stuff, but of the 3 other computers I’ve seen in the house, this is the only mac. Ok, if you don’t care about the mac/pc debate, that was drivel.

This trip marks the divider between summer work and school. When we return to PA I will be at the school everyday for he next 185 days (give or take a day here and there) excluding holidays and weekends.

Each new year brings memories of a previous year and thoughts about the class that won’t be there. I always miss the ‘lost’ class. But it doesn’t take long to get to know new parts of the next senior class and get to realize the new freshman are a new unique bunch that will be exciting to see walk through the changes of coming closer to adults as they pass through the grades.

To all those that graduated from Faith, let me know what your up to.

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