I know school is out, so this is most likely a good time to make this thought public. There will be no one reading it and wondering if it is them.

I see this all the time, a student will approach the desk to put his/her quiz, test whatever the case, in my in basket, then will slip it underneath the top one and look at me with a sheepish look. What am I supposed to do? Why do they slip it underneath? Do they really think I won’t ever look at it, they put their name on it so I know when I see it who it belongs to. Do they not want me to see it right away? Guess what the first thing I do when I see them look sheepish about slipping it underneath…yup look at it.

Why do a lot of students do this? I really have no idea. Any ideas?

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  1. It’s so that the next person to bring the quiz up doesn’t see their answers (as students will often do on-the-fly comparing to see how they did compared with the student just before them). At least that’s why I do it.

  2. At FB I do it so the teacher never knows that mine was the last or close to last turned in. (Of course they aren’t standing there watching.) And also because there is that certain defensiveness that Art mentions

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