Smearing the Cake

I was at two weddings on Saturday. Neither of them smeared the cake. Why do I care? I think that smearing the cake at the wedding reception is a rude first way to treat your wife/husband. There are a lot of people that think smearing the cake is just a joke, there is nothing wrong with it. But, the discussion at our table at wedding #2 concurs with my opinion.

Before you begin to assume what kind of wedding this was, and begin to form pre-conclusions (would that be a preconception?) that would most likely be mis-conceptions. The wedding was small, there was a unity candle, there were rings, the reception had dancing, some guests were consuming beverages.

At our round table there were 5 married couples, all but 1 couple said they had agreed before their wedding to not smear the cake.

One of the husbands said at the last minute she followed the yells of her friends and smeared the cake “before I had a chance to get her back.

Doesn’t sound like love to me.

Another husband, not sure why it was only husbands chiming in, remarked that she smeared the cake and he only got the get a little bit on her.

Doesn’t sound like love to me.

My wife and I didn’t smear the cake. Beyond a little playful splotch of icing on the nose I think the practice is rude.

I almost always hold my breath during the cake cutting event and twice on Saturday I was able to breath out that relieved sigh. Thanks Josh and Derlyn.

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