This afternoon I listened to a talk give by Sir Ken Robinson about education and it’s reform. He referenced an experiment, people are asked to list uses for a paper clip.

Most people get 10-15, really smart people can get 200.

Here’s the rules: one use per comment, list as many uses as you can. Go.

Who Knew?

Today is Hobbit Day, part of Tolkien Week.

Tolkien Week, named after J.R.R. Tolkien, is a celebration of Tolkien’s Middle Earth cycle, which includes the popular and influential fantasy work The Lord of the Rings. It always falls on the week containing September 22nd, also known as “Hobbit Day,” Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ mutual birthday.

So what good is Hobbit day?

A week or so ago at school we celebrated ‘cream filled donut day‘ the students loved it, but I had to wonder if ‘apricot day‘ would be as well received. Or check these other “holidays” if you want your mind blown to the mindlessness of our society.

Ever learning and never able to come to the truth.


I am re-evaluating some of my teaching and came across this quote from Eric Mazer

Lecturing is a transferring process in which the material goes from the teachers notes to the students notes without passing through the brains of either one

I’m excited about where this might lead!