Zambian children’s choir

This past Sunday evening, driving to hear one children’s choir, Faith Mennonite Chorale, give their final program for this school year, I was listening to WITF fm. The show Snap Judgment featured a segment on human slavery, not the type we hear about so much right now. It was about the exploitation of children from Zambia. They came through Lancaster County a few years ago.

I saw another similar group at at a local church, I think it was called the “African Children’s’ Choir’. They put on a good ‘concert’ and asked for money for schools ‘back home’.

They even did a thing with the audience to really get them involved in shipping books back to the schools. Each person got a cardboard shipper that we placed a book inside and then did the 2 step process of sealing the package…to be mailed. I remember coming away from the whole experience thinking there was something weird. I wrote it off as just too touchy-feely for me, the who experiential bit of ‘your sending this to the children’

I’m not sure why I was just hearing this, as it seems it was ‘uncovered‘ several years ago.


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