Strange Wording

Police logs can have the strangest choices of words when trying to say what they are not saying. (Wow that didn’t make much sense did it?) On Oct. 10 at 11:20 p.m., at Struble Lake in Honey Brook, Trooper Andrew Brothers found [name edited out], 18 of Morgantown, to be in possession of a green… Continue reading Strange Wording

Have you used craigslist?

Last week my wife and I sold a freezer on Craigslist.It was painless. I was amazed at the amount of people that sent me emails wanting to buy/look at it etc. It was my first experience selling with craigslist. We had posted a wanted ad the week before for a mini trampoline and were almost… Continue reading Have you used craigslist?

Chinese going to the moon!?

I’m not teaching Earth and Space science this year, but I still like astronomy and space related topics. I’ve been watching for the past several years the Chinese claim to get to the moon by 2010 and the latest development is their launch of taikonauts (Chinese astronauts). But how reliable are their reports accurate, or… Continue reading Chinese going to the moon!?

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