I need to prune my grape vine badly. I’ve thrown attempts at it the last several years, but it ends up being the same type of attempt. I need to get it done, don’t spend enough time researching pruning because I wait until it is time to prune to think about researching it…then it needs to get done, so I hack away.

This year might be different. I am going to try to get a cutting to make a propagation, and cut the rest back to the trunk. I won’t get grapes this year, but maybe I can get it back in shape. It has been neglected for the past 15 of so years and has a lot of woody growth. It has produced the last couple of years, but I think it could produce sweeter fruit if I would get it pruned correctly.

The other factor has to do with a brick patio that has been on my todo list for to long. I need to move the grape arbor a little and an extreme pruning will help in the training for a new arbor.

Any advice is welcome.
Prune me

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