My Second Foray Into Making Cottage Cheese

cottageSo on Saturday I made cottage cheese. I tried it the week before and it was edible, but not great. It was trial number two. I used a slightly different method. I think it turned out better. I?ll give you one picture for now. 

My wife wants you to know that I did wash my dirty dishes afterwards. I have that picture proof too, but I?ll post it later when I do a more thorough write-up.


I did it yesterday, I pruned the grapes, and yes it was an attempt thrown at the grapes.

I chopped a lot off too. As I was cutting I felt a drop of water on my arm, I looked up, the sky was full of high level cumulus clouds, but I couldn’t image it was rain. A few more cuts and I remembered reading that the vine will ‘bleed’ as you prune.

The vine was bleeding, as I cut. After I cleaned up it noticed a few of the ‘wounds’ had large areas of wet ‘blood stains’.

This morning as I was getting ready I looked out the bathroom window, as I often do, and surveyed my surroundings. I notice a few large glistening drops on the grape vine. It was still bleeding.

A vine bears fruit, a pruned vine bears more, sweeter fruit. We are the vines and Christ is the husbandmen

Must I be cut and bleed?


I need to prune my grape vine badly. I’ve thrown attempts at it the last several years, but it ends up being the same type of attempt. I need to get it done, don’t spend enough time researching pruning because I wait until it is time to prune to think about researching it…then it needs to get done, so I hack away.

This year might be different. I am going to try to get a cutting to make a propagation, and cut the rest back to the trunk. I won’t get grapes this year, but maybe I can get it back in shape. It has been neglected for the past 15 of so years and has a lot of woody growth. It has produced the last couple of years, but I think it could produce sweeter fruit if I would get it pruned correctly.

The other factor has to do with a brick patio that has been on my todo list for to long. I need to move the grape arbor a little and an extreme pruning will help in the training for a new arbor.

Any advice is welcome.
Prune me