I have a dream, realized

Many years ago I had a dream to get goats. Why goats? I really can’t remember why or when. But…with many scoffs and laughs and a few encouragements, I plowed ahead. 2 summers ago I started building a fence. Last summer I started my herd, Dolly was purchased with Ben and Jerry, two white whethers… Continue reading I have a dream, realized

My Second Foray Into Making Cottage Cheese

So on Saturday I made cottage cheese. I tried it the week before and it was edible, but not great. It was trial number two. I used a slightly different method. I think it turned out better. I?ll give you one picture for now.  My wife wants you to know that I did wash my… Continue reading My Second Foray Into Making Cottage Cheese


I need to prune my grape vine badly. I’ve thrown attempts at it the last several years, but it ends up being the same type of attempt. I need to get it done, don’t spend enough time researching pruning because I wait until it is time to prune to think about researching it…then it needs… Continue reading Grapes

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