I have a dream, realized

coffe with goat milk colostrum

Many years ago I had a dream to get goats. Why goats? I really can’t remember why or when. But…with many scoffs and laughs and a few encouragements, I plowed ahead. 2 summers ago I started building a fence. Last summer I started my herd, Dolly was purchased with Ben and Jerry, two white whethers to keep her company.

Dolly, Ben and Jerry

After helping my sister move closer to Baltimore, I swung by a goat owner in Rising Sun and loaded up Rocket, my new buck.


After missing a few heats, and thinking she was due the beginning of August, oen year since getting the first goats, Dolly dropped two kids on my wife’s birthday.


Just before supper I saw her pawing the ground, and realized this could very well be the night, never-mind I thought that at least a dozen times previously that lat month of waiting. Around 8:30 I left to pick something up and when I returned, as was my habit the past weeks, I went to check on Dolly. This time I was positive she was having contractions, arched back, limp tail tip due to the softened ligaments. Sometime close to 9:30 I could hear her bawling…it was labor. I went out and returned to change into other clothes, on my way out I asked Renita if she wanted to see goat babies being born. It was quite and exciting hour in the goat shed for us. I wonder if she will tell you it was one of her more memorable birthdays.

But, today was the dream realized. I put coffee on at 5pm this afternoon, just before I went out to milk my goat.


It was a family affair, thanks to Renita for the photography.


Ahh…coffe with goat milk colostrum

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