Art and the Christian

At the guys? weekend Jordan used one session to talk about art, do we do it, do we hide from it, what do we do with beauty. God made it, wants us to enjoy it, should we make things that are beautiful. Keeping in mind that he had just helped us think through money and… Continue reading Art and the Christian

Would A Perfect Church Allow Me To Be A Member?

I just read this article from Art of Manliness website about being part of an organization. And found it to coincide with a few thoughts that have crossed my mind. I think the thought first started about 10 years ago when I gave a presentation at my grandparents grange on a trip I took to… Continue reading Would A Perfect Church Allow Me To Be A Member?

Washing Feet

Have you ever washed someone’s feet? Last night we had communion and Anabaptists still adhere to Christ’s example to wash one anothers feet. It is a powerfully moving experience. I’ve participated in foot washing services before, but I think each one brings a deeper meaning to the act of participating in something so lowly with… Continue reading Washing Feet

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