Where?s the towel when you need it?

Aghh, I am ready to throw in the towel in a lot of ways. Frustrations galore in life right now. Why me? I just want to be basic and normal. Why do I care? What must it be like to be really apathetic? To not know and not care? In just a few days my… Continue reading Where?s the towel when you need it?

Sufficient Grace

It?s been over a month since I last wrote. I was struggling with the idea of how to explain to a 3 year old death and dying of a cousin/playmate. It is not over, but I have been amazed at how it has been. My son doesn?t understand all there is about death and dying… Continue reading Sufficient Grace

All Things Work Together…

Dean wrote “Git out n vote” on Against Apathy yesterday. He said Voting with our lives, is really the only ballot that will ever bring about change. … Personally help those people, get to know them and be a part of their lives. So I left a comment there and realized it was getting bigger… Continue reading All Things Work Together…

Micheal Card Concert

This weekend my wife and I attended a Micheal Card concert at LBC. I really enjoyed it. It was a free concert that I had gotten tickets for several weeks ago. I had found it about 8 months ago. I knew that she liked Card and wanted to take her sometime. He started out saying… Continue reading Micheal Card Concert

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