Guys’ Weekend

This past weekend was the FMH Jr&Sr guys weekend retreat. I started doing this event fours years ago and had three guys sign up. This year all but four guys from the two classes were able to come. A few probably would have come except they had work commitments. This year Jordan E. and I did three sessions each. 

What Gospel…? Jordan
Unchecked Motives Mr. Paul
Christian View of Money (Beta 2.0) Jordan
Deflecting Responsibility Mr. Paul
Misplaced Priorities Mr. Paul

The sessions went really well. We typically had a rap session following each session and the fellows shared what it meant to them, or what they were thinking about.

One of the big events the ?sending prayer? on the last afternoon. I think that is time binds the guys together as they share what is heavy on their mind and heart and allow others to pray for them. I think the guys had their eyes opened like never before during that hour.

We spent lots of good time drinking coffee, talking, reading scripture, eating, and playing games like Car Dealer, Monopoly and Settlers. The time together was well spent. I hope and pray that the commitments and decisions made can be kept and goals attained.

Thanks Jordan for your passion, time and effort you put into the guys.

Jordan E’s blog can be found at Music of My Life


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