Micheal Card Concert

This weekend my wife and I attended a Micheal Card concert at LBC. I really enjoyed it. It was a free concert that I had gotten tickets for several weeks ago. I had found it about 8 months ago. I knew that she liked Card and wanted to take her sometime.

He started out saying that he was going to use every trick and tactic he could to convince everyone in attendance to start reading their Bible through. He wants everyone to start in Genesis and read through the whole Bible. He wasn’t promoting in a year or some other scheduled plan that tends to get you down when you get out of sync. Just commit to reading it.

I came away from the concert with several thoughts. Here are some of them: I love the tin whistle, he had an accompanist that played tin whistle and piano and accordion and concertina. I need to be more like the accompanist in knowing how to play “second fiddle”. There is deeply moving music being written today in the contemporary movement. Christians need to get on board with the Creative Commons and Open Source ideology.

I’ve made a ‘tin whistle‘ a year or so ago out of PVC and wish I was more musical, this concert has revived that low tech whistle. I just can’t seem to locate it, so I guess I will have to make another one. I think I can make a joyful noise with one.

The accompanist was obviously able to let Card have the limelight, he is a great musician but still was content to be the second man. He sat un-obtrusively on the side while Card spoke and while he expounded and explained the big picture of events in the Bible for his song intros. Most of the songs were writted by Card and several come out of his teaching and studying the Bible. So sometimes the introductions of the songs were longer than the songs themselves.

Creative Commons is a movement to allow the open sharing of content in a free way. Free as in free speech not free as in a free lunch. Micheal Card is part of the pushing force of ByFor an organization that hopes to show that:

Worship is a gift freely given. By/For projects are licensed under Creative Commons, so churches can freely use the art in worship and other artists can adapt and extend it. Removing profit motives can enrich both art and worship

The organization is commited to art, worship, music, visual art, or printed teaching materials should be By the church For the church, Hence the name.

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