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FMH is a mission field among our churched peoples. I believe that statement. While we are an educational institution, we still as individual teacher have a mission field before us in every student. Some people do not ‘believe’ in places like that, I am sorry they feel that way, but I understand they most likely have no idea about what happens at places like that. One of our teachers put it so well in a discussion we had, “I see people at 40 that are just like they were when they were 18…” he went on the say that some people do change their worldviews after high school, but so many form them in during their high school years without realizing it, so what we do at FMH is really a big part of the direction of the future church [especially in Lanc. Co]. There are issues that schools like FMH should not have to address, but our churches (our Mennonite congregations) are fumbling and lots of parents have dropped the ball completely, so FMH does have goals/aspirations of addressing them.

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