“strength is made perfect in weakness”

Studying 1 Corinthians 12:1-10 I was challenged to think about how one’s weakest points are used to make their actvities productive. As I teach school there are things that I know are bad about my habits, I am a procrastinator and I don’t work far enough ahead. How can I rely on God to perfect my strengths? You most likes are wondering what my strengths are…like Paul I don’t want to boast but you are pushing me. Actually, I am quite afraid to say what my strengths are, what if I an so decieved? I think that I can interact pretty well with youth, I think I can teach some things in ways that struggling students aren’t afraid to try it.

Some one has said “God does not uintend for us to be weak, passive or ineffective, only his power makes us effective.” The sufficiency (it is enough) of God’s Grace (divine empowerment) is what I desire. But that means none of what I do can be done by me. All that I do get accomplished is from the divine empowerment of Christ. I want to walk the fine line of acknowledging my inadequacies without being proud of them, I want to allow Christ to work in and through me in all I do. I want to do what he wants me to do.

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