The Dangers of the internet.

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More kids, teens exposed to online porn in U.S. 2007-02-05 16:00:04 BEIJING, Feb. 5 (Xinhuanet) — More kids and teenagers are being exposed to online pornography, according to a study by the University of New Hampshire published in the journal Pediatrics due out Monday. The researchers said 42 percent of netizens from age 10 to 17 have seen online pornography in the past year, mostly by accidentally viewing sexually explicit Web sites while surfing the Internet. Overall, 34 percent have unwanted exposure to online pornography, up from 25 percent in a similar survey conducted in 1999 and 2000. “It’s beyond the wild West out there. You’ve really taken away the age of innocence,” said Dr. Michael Wasserman, a pediatrician with the Ochsner Clinic in Metairie, La., who was not involved in the study. Emily Duhovny, 17, a Marlboro, N.J., high school senior said X-rated images pop up all the time when she’s online. It was shocking, but now, “more than anything, it’s just annoying,” she said. Still, many survey participants said they were not disturbed by what they saw, and Janis Wolak, the study’s lead author and a researcher at the University of New Hampshire’s Crimes Against Children Research Center, said research is needed to determine how exposure to online pornography affects kids. The results of the reaserch come from a telephone survey of 1,500 Internet users, conducted with their parents’ consent.

The thing that I responded to the most on this article is the quote from the 17 year old girl.

It was shocking, but now, “more than anything, it’s just annoying,”

That she is become so jaded that the images are merely annoying.

I was on the other day looking at some ‘specials’ and they had a add that was practically pornographic, web cam like shot of a girl ‘enticing’ you to come check out her personal add. It was really demeaning to women, promoting them as sexual objects. Just this week I saw an article about Japan’s PM and the degradation of women.

I wrote an email to and received a reply a two days later, basically saying nothing, but if you have more concerns contact I didn’t but I haven’t seen the ad since on

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  1. I am in no way saying that the images that this girl saw were good, but in some ways isn’t it good that she is not being tempted or enticed by them, only annoyed? It is like a survival response. I would prefer teens to be annoyed with porn on the internet rather than appreciating it. Still, as I said, I am not trying to say that these things are okay or acceptible in any way.

  2. I agree it is good that she responded, and it not appreciating it. I am bothered by the acceptance, “…porn is there, it is annoying, but it has to be there…”

    I mean what can we do to redeem the internet?

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