This summer I was in charge of the summer children’s Bible school devotional time at our church. I spent an evening on different parts of the body corresponding to the song “Oh be careful little hands” When studying for the ears I came across a verse in Proverbs that I…I… am not sure what to think about in regards to this verse. What if I don’t listen just once and awhile? What do I have to listen to? Is that why my prayers are sometimes not answered?

Well ok I am not really that awash in confusion, I did really have one question though, how is it that our prayer as a sinner receiving adoption heard? I guess the verse really says he has no use for the prayers of those who won’t (as a volitional choice) listen. So help me God to listen and to each whisper you send my way. Remember Balaam? Sometimes God really needs to yell to get our attention. Check out B.A.R I am not able to listen to this now, not sure what is going on over their at Legacy.


  1. at least when he yells at us, he makes his will quite apparent. why is it that the whispers are so hard to comprehend?

    by the way, my props to that 2006 HS graduate… i wish my highschool days had been mastered with such briliance.

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