Waiting on the perfect time

This weekend I found out some of very amazing news. One of my good friends just began dating, again. I say again and you might think why is that such good news? You see these two were dating three years ago and had a to terminate the relationship. They were both good friend and it was sad to see it happpen. I still wanted to see them renew their relationship and my wife and I prayed for them over the past years. It was not easy we wanted to have them over to out house and for the same events, but sometimes we had to not invite on or the other, sometimes we invited both of them and the air was always heavy, you could almost reach out and feel the tension. At the first I spoke my mind to him, but that was not right, it was a wedge between us. I determined to not talk about my thoughts to him, directly, anymore. I still held on to hope and for three years and prayed at times they would get back together, other times I prayed that I could trust God and allow him to work, sometimes I prayed I could accept any new girlfriend he might have and support him in his relationship. Praise the Lord they are back together and let me tell you it was under the radar for a few weeks, I had no idea until sunday after church he says to my wife, “Did J. call you?” We both looked at him and said, why would you know that she would be calling me? (we hadn’t heard from her, we were away for the weekend), he proceeds to say,we are daitng again. It is great to let God. Just let God. Let God….

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