Raising funds in a christian(?) way

This weekend a church had a volleyball tournament to raise funds for a project. This seems to be the ‘new’ way to get money for non-profits. Our school student goverment did the same thing last year. The way I understand it, teams pay $120 to get in and the winning team gets their entrance fee back. I don’t know where this idea started, but I have seen it enough to begin wondering if it falls in the same category with benefit auctions and benefit banquets.

Why can’t organizations get people to come and volunteer or give money without ‘givers’ thinking they need to get something in return. When I think of church and christian groups raising funds in these ways what are they teaching about tithing and giving? Is this what the good Samaritin did, what did he get in return?

Continue reading for a moment. I don’t think these are wrong ways to generate funds, but I do wonder about them. I have partcipated in these types of fundraisers. What about the money I give, can it be counted as tithes and/or gifts? Maye not, not if I am only involved because of the thing received.

Let’s think about giving without the thought of receiving. How does “..not letting the left know what the right is doing..” apply here? We are letting the materialism klingon to invade even our giving.

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