Book Review: Souvenirs of Solitude

While reading Souvenirs of Solitude by Brennan Manning, I was reconnected with a mind and heart that I was introduced to years ago by Rich Mullins and the album A Liturgy, a Legacy, & a Ragamuffin Band.

The book opens with a poem by Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The first lines read ?We need to find God and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is a friend of silence?? If ever we in the US were ready for this, it is now. Continue reading “Book Review: Souvenirs of Solitude”

Bedtime for Frances

I’ve been reading a lot of children books lately and have been making it a practice to get 3 books at a time from the local library for my son. We usually read them at bedtime together, ok, he listens while I read. But after a few times through he has parts memorized.

I usually try to get one new funny book, one I remember seeing from my childhood and a more serious one. This week I got Bedtime for Frances, we have a Frances book, so this was the ‘familiar’ book.

I am impressed with this one.

Bedtime for Frances has a mom and a dad in the story, the dad plays a role in the child’s life and represents the dad as something more that a big dolt.

Just a quick look around shows so many places that represent men, especially dads and husbands as the lowly necessary nuisance.

Good or good enough

I like the idea of a blog, and WordPress makes it really simple, plus being published under a GPL open source idea is attractive. If you look over my posts you’ll see they are sporadic and it looks like I tried and couldn’t.  It’s true, I tried, and haven’t yet. 

I think I’ve identified some of my failings at posting.  I want lucid posts, relevant posts, wow posts and my fear of not being able to come through has been holding be back.  I think about writing a post and then shrink back in fear, and laziness, what if it doesn’t seem right, I don’t want to spend lots of time editing and proofreading my posts.  In the end I say, not now, it’s not worth the effort.  I say rubbish, now.  My writing might be bad, but it won’t get better if I ‘do it later’  Hopefully none of my students read this part, especially the ones I have asked about something they want to say is finished; “is it good or good enough?” 

For now my posts are allowed to be good enough.

I have thoughts about other posts, it’s working, just writing is helping it come out.  Now to get past the laziness part.

Let me end with a poem from a book I just finished reading.

When the sweet Poison of the Treacherous Grape
Had Acted on the world a general rape;
Drowning our Reason and our souls
In such deep seas of large o’flowing bowls….

When foggy Ale, leavying up mighty trains,
Of muddy vapours, had besige’d our Brains
Then Heavan in Pity…,
First send amongst us this All-healing Berry…

Coffee arrives, that grave and wholesome Liquor,
That heals the stomach, makes the genius quicker,
Relieves the memory, revives the sad,
And cheers the Spirits, without making mad.

quoted as ‘an anonymous English Puritan poem from 1674’