Transcendent Causes

Last evening my wife and I started reading a new book; Instructing a Child’s Heart by Tedd and Margy Tripp. One of the first paragraphs stood out to me, it included the word transcendent, one that I’ve been thinking about the past months in connection to what drives and motivates us. Where do you take our cues from?
Read this excerpt, without using the words “transcendent cause’ it gets to the base of the jumble that has been in my mind.

Ironically, cynicism reigns in the majority culture. Adults are cynical because their expectations of a successful life have long since been dashed. Even the few who are “successful” have found it an empty prize. Young people are cynical because their raw and savvy culture leaves them with no transcendent values, only survival by whatever means serves their lusts and desires for the moment! They are depressed, restless, critical, argumentative, unmotivated and unimpressed with previous generations’ successes.

I am on a discovery about transcendent causes/values, the myth of adolescence and how to draw young adults out of the hole that is opening wider and wider to swallow them up, to keep them.

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