Zambian children’s choir

This past Sunday evening, driving to hear one children’s choir, Faith Mennonite Chorale, give their final program for this school year, I was listening to WITF fm. The show Snap Judgment featured a segment on human slavery, not the type we hear about so much right now. It was about the exploitation of children from Zambia. They came through Lancaster County a few years ago.

I saw another similar group at at a local church, I think it was called the “African Children’s’ Choir’. They put on a good ‘concert’ and asked for money for schools ‘back home’.

They even did a thing with the audience to really get them involved in shipping books back to the schools. Each person got a cardboard shipper that we placed a book inside and then did the 2 step process of sealing the package…to be mailed. I remember coming away from the whole experience thinking there was something weird. I wrote it off as just too touchy-feely for me, the who experiential bit of ‘your sending this to the children’

I’m not sure why I was just hearing this, as it seems it was ‘uncovered‘ several years ago.


Out of the mouth’s of babes

farmland graffiti

Sometime this past weekend some roving youth left their marks at the neighbors.

Leave you interpretation of what you ‘hear’ them saying in the comments.

I think there is a lot of truth behind the last comment. I wonder if the logo has anything to do with where they spend too much time. Have you ever heard of FOMO?

Playing with Wrong?

Palestinian boy with toy gun in Nazareth by David Shankbone
Playing with wrong?

An event a few weeks ago at school got me thinking about things we enjoy. When you consider 1 cor 13:6 what does Paul mean about rejoicing in wrong? How far can one “enjoy things that are wrong”? Where do lines get drawn when it comes to violence?

committing violence against people?
cheering the protagonist on as he/she kills their way out of a ‘desperate’ situation?
acting out violence against people in video game?
playing a part in violence against people?

A student brought in an airsoft gun that was given to another student to act out violence to another person. The metal ‘toy’ gun looked like a pocket-able handgun, and very bothersome to me, the orange tip was cut off and painted over black. This ‘toy’ was modified to make the play more realistic.

As I raise my children where do I draw my lines? Playing war games on-screen or simulated with plastic pellets or bits of paint? What about dodge ball? Can they play doctor? What if they want to play abortion clinic? Should I be concerned?

If I really believe we have been created in image of God (imago Dei) I need to have, and develop in my children, a deep respect for people and life. Now the hard part is how that gets translated to their minds and hearts.